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Ms. Freeze & Mr. Odell are California employment lawyers. This is their individual webpage to help the public decide whether or not they need their legal services.

Since opening their firm, Mr. Odell & Ms. Freeze have represented numerous employees in lawsuits against employers. They exclusively represent employees, never the employer. Since opening their firm in 2013, they have taken several cases to trial and recovered millions of dollars for their clients.


  • $25,100,000 Million dollar verdict in whistleblower and wrongful termination case for an employee of a medical company who complained about unlawful kickbacks and FDA violations. Their highly successful client was fired after complaining in writing. The verdict was for $2.7 million in economic damages and $22.4 million in punitive damages.
  • Dozens of large settlements.
  • They won $1.3 million dollars for a employee who was terminated for her disability. They won her underlying disability discrimination lawsuit, and also won additional causes of action for failure to prevent discrimination, failure to prevent retaliation, and a leave of absence claim. The case had to go to trial because the most the Defendant had offered their client was $20,000 to settle.
  • They tried another difficult disability discrimination case and won their client over $500,000. Again, before trial, the defendant offered almost no money.

Today, they continues to dedicate their practice to minority employees in need of great legal representation. Ms. Freeze & Mr. Odell love to hold large and reckless employers accountable.

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