Santa Monica Employment Lawyer

Our office is home to an employment lawyer. We are in Los Angeles, but we take cases in Santa Monica and help people who have been wrongfully terminated find justice. We fight racial, religious, disability, and many other forms of discrimination.

We primarily serve those who have been wrongfully terminated by their employers. Wrongful termination can include, but is not limited to, being fired because of your race, religion, gender, age, and more. It does not matter which of these reasons you are fired for. It is against the law to fire someone solely for these reasons and the effects of your termination can have devastating effects on your life.

Santa Monica is a seaside city in western Los Angeles County. It has the twentieth largest population in the county and was founded long ago by the Tongva people. Eventually, in 1886, it was incorporated. Santa Monica is home to the famous Santa Monica Pier and Third Street Promenade. If you would like to learn more about Santa Monica, you can go to the city’s website or its Wikipedia page. Unfortunately, while this bustling city has many job opportunities, its residences still need the help of a Santa Monica employment lawyer.

Santa Monica Employment Lawyer

Types of Cases We Handle

Wrongful Termination

Sometimes when people are fired from their job they have this gut feeling that something is just not right. It may be something that your supervisor said. It may be something you heard from someone else. If that is the case, you may have been wrongfully terminated and should contact an employment lawyer.


Our Santa Monica lawyer takes cases for people who have been fired for inappropriate reasons. Even though a most employers realize they cannot fire because of these protected traits, they still do. Santa Monica is no exception. Fortunately, California has many laws in place to protect employees from discrimination. Some of the areas that our office covers are:


“Retaliation” is a word that a lot of employees know and use. It mostly results from an employee opposing discrimination or harassment, filing a complaint against the company with the government, and reporting suspected patient abuse. It is clear why all of these things should be stopped.

Sexual Harassment

This is the most common type of harassment. Thousands of women are harassed in California businesses every day, but that sexual harassment does not have be only directed at females or even the opposite sex. If you are being harassed or were fired because you have complained about sexual harassment, you should call our office.


California has some very strong laws protecting whistleblowers. If you have contacted a public agency or your supervisor about suspected illegal activity in the workplace, and you were then terminated, you deserve justice.

Santa Monica Employment Attorney

Finding the perfect lawyer can be a pain. Our Santa Monica employment lawyer has lots of experience in this area and will be able to give your case the attention to detail it deserves. If you or a loved have been terminated and you feel like it was wrong, you should consult an employment attorney as soon as possible. Your time is limited and when that time runs out, so does you chance for justice.

If you have and questions about the legal services offered by our office, contact us for a free consultation. We will review your case and let you know if it will be worth your time to pursue your claim.

If our lawyer does take you case, they will be represent you on a contingency fee. A contingency fee means that the lawyer will not get paid if they do not win or settle your case for money. If you win your trial, our office will receive a percentage that will be decided on before your case is investigated. This allows you to have your case heard without having to put any money down. You lose nothing. Call our office today for more information.