El Segundo Employment Attorney

Our attorney is an employment lawyer. His law office represents employees and residents in El Segundo who have been fired for illegal reasons. These reasons can include discrimination, sexual harassment, whistleblowers, and more. If this sounds like your situation, you should have an El Segundo employment attorney review your case because the effects wrongful termination can have on your life are more than just financial.

El Segundo is a city located on the Santa Monica Bay and was incorporated in 1917. It is right next to LAX. It has only the eighty-seventh largest population in Los Angeles County, but has a bustling aeronautics sector. Some of the companies in El Segundo include Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems, Northrop Grumman, Boeing Satellite Development, and others. El Segundo’s website can be found here, or you can go to its Wikipedia page for more information. But if you’re on this page you’re probably looking for a wrongful termination lawyer in Los Angeles.

El Segundo Employment Attorney

Types of Cases We Handle

Wrongful Termination

An unlawful termination can stop the progress of professional and personal life in its tracks. It can take a promising career and ruin it, forever damaging what someone has worked hard to build for decades. It is when someone is most hurt by their employer that they should call someone who has


There are many times when people take a stand for what is right in the workplace. Their bosses don’t always view it the same way, don’t like it, and take revenge. This is illegal and California retaliation law is here to protect people who oppose unlawful practices at work.


Harassment is a part of everyday life. Your neighbor may not like you. The people on the freeway may be overly rude. We can’t really stop these things, but what we can stop is harassment in the workplace. California law says that employers must prevent harassment in the workplace. Furthermore, if it is one of the employer’s supervisors that is harassing, the employer is automatically liable.

El Segundo Employment Attorney

Looking for an attorney is confusing. Our attorney has lots of experience in and out of the courtroom and will work tirelessly to maximize your compensation. If were fired for any of the above reasons in El Segundo, we suggest you contact an employment attorney right away. These types of illegal activities have an expiration date, and if you miss it, there is no way to fix it.

We offer free consultations at our office, so you have nothing to lose by having our attorney review your case. Our attorney will go over your case and let you know if a lawsuit is your best option.

Additionally, if our El Segundo employment attorney takes your lawsuit, he will represent you on a contingency fee. This means that your attorney will not be paid unless he wins or settles your case. In that event, our office receives a percentage of that award that is decided before your case is started. You have nothing to lose, so call our office for your consultation or any questions.