Downey Employment Lawyer

Our law firm represents employees in communities across Southern California. Our Downey employment lawyer provides hope for people who have been unlawfully fired for complaining about harassment, retaliation, or other protected activities.

Downey is a city in southeast Los Angeles County. It has the twelfth highest population in the County is known for many other notable reasons. First, it was the birthplace of the Apollo program, which was the third U.S. human spaceflight program under NASA. Second, it is home to the oldest surviving McDonald’s as well as the first Taco Bell. For more information on Downey, visit the city’s official website or go to its Wikipedia page.

Mr. Odell is known as “the” premier Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer.

Downey Employment Lawyer

Types of Cases We Handle


Though it may be hard to believe, some employers still discriminate against their employees for reasons that have been clearly illegal for many years. These reasons include pregnancy, race, religion, sex, and many more. The laws that California has in place are generally considered the strongest in the US and are broader than the Federal laws.  So, if you feel like you may have been discriminated against, you should contact a Downey employment lawyer.

Wrongful Termination

Unfortunately, sometimes employers would rather fire “troublesome” complainers rather than comply with the law. When an employee has engaged in a protected activity or made a protected complaint, they may not be fired for that complaint. To do so is a wrongful termination. Learn more about it here.

Sexual Harassment

This is another area of employment law that is a headscratcher. It is the most common type of harassment, everyone knows it is wrong, but some people still do it. Women suffer from sexual harassment far more than men, but men may still be victims. If you have been a victim of sexual harassment, you should contact a lawyer.

Downey Employment Lawyer Consultation

Finding the perfect lawyer for you can take a long time. The Downey employment lawyer in our office has lots of experience and will put the time into your case that it needs to bring you peace of mind. If you were fired for one of the reasons listed above, it is in your best interest to contact a lawyer immediately. You only have a limited time to pursue your case, and there is no remedy if you run out of time.

Additionally, you should contact our office because our consultations are free. We will review your claim, go over with you, and let you know if a lawsuit is in your best interest.

If our Downey employment lawyer takes on your lawsuit, you will be represented on a contingency fee. This means that our office only gets paid if your lawyer wins your case and recovers compensation for you. Our office receives a percentage that is agreed upon before digging into your case. This means that you do not pay any amount out of pocket to have your day in court. If you have any questions, feel free to call our office.