Huntington Park Employment Lawyer

Our wrongful termination lawyers represents residents and employees of Huntington Park who have been wronged by their employers by being fired for illegal reasons. Our lawyer files legal claims against the company that took these illegal actions. Some of the areas our office handles include whistleblowers, sexual harassment, and retaliation. Whether your termination was for one of these reasons above or another listed below, you should contact an employment lawyer to get the justice you deserve.

Huntington Park is a city in southeastern Los Angeles County with the thirty-fourth largest population in the County. It also has the fourth highest percentage of Latino residents in Los Angeles. Huntington Park is mainly a residential town with about 30% of its residents working in factories in neighboring cities. Additional information can be found on Huntington Park’s official website or on its Wikipedia page. With Huntington Park being home to such a large minority population, its employees sometimes need the help of an employment lawyer so they aren’t discriminated against.

Huntington Park Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Types of Cases We Handle


Almost every employer knows it is wrong, but still some employers have decided to discriminate against their employees based on race, color, and nationality. California does not allow this, but laws can be difficult to understand. If you or a loved one lives or works in Huntington Park and thinks that they have been discriminated against, you should contact an employment lawyer.


Harassment is a part of life, but while you can’t do much about the random people you meet on the street, you can do something in the workplace. Employers must prevent harassment by coworkers if they know it is occurring. Also, employers will be automatically responsible if their supervisor is harassing employees. If you think you’ve been harassed, we highly suggest you have your case reviewed by an employment lawyer.

Huntington Park Employment Lawyer

Finding the perfect lawyer for you can require a lot of work. Our lawyer has tons of experience in wrongful termination and will give your case the effort needed to give you justice. If you have been terminated for any of the reasons above, we recommend you have your case reviewed. Your time is limited to file your claim, and when it’s over, it’s over for good.

If you have any additional questions regarding our legal help, call our office for a free consultation. Having your case reviewed costs you nothing and we will let you know if it’s worth your time to pursue it further.

If our office takes your case, our lawyer will represent you on a contingency fee basis. This means that our lawyer will not be paid unless they win or settle your case for money. Our office receives a percentage of that award. This means that you can take your case to court without spending a penny. Call our office today if you would like more information.