Van Nuys Employment Lawyer

Our Van Nuys employment lawyer represents clients in the Southern California community. Our office is a wrongful termination law firm in Los Angeles.  We fight for everyday people who have been unlawfully terminated. We focus our practice on areas such as whistleblowers, retaliation, and sexual harassment. Being illegally fired for these reasons can have lasting effects on you and your family’s financial well-being.

Van Nuys is a Los Angeles neighborhood in San Fernando Valley. Van Nuys was originally founded in 1911, but joined Los Angeles after the completion of the Los Angeles Aqueduct. It also is home to one to the busiest general aviation airport in the world (non-commercial). For more information on Van Nuys, go to its Wikipedia page.

Van Nuys Employment Lawyer

Types of Cases We Handle


Most honest and dignified employees have a conscience. When they find out that their employer is breaking the law, good people complain about it through the appropriate channels. But when the employer retaliates against them for it, the employee may have a whistleblower claim.


One type of wrongful termination that many people recognize is discrimination. California law says that you cannot be fired because of your race, religion, nationality, color, sexual orientation, sex, and much more. However, some employers just don’t get it and do it anyways. If you feel this has happened to you, you should contact a Van Nuys employment lawyer.


Harassment is something we deal with every day. It comes from that impatient person in line for coffee or that driver on the freeway who refused to merge earlier despite knowing his exit was coming up. Regardless, California law says it cannot come from your employer. Furthermore, if your supervisor is harassing you, your employer is automatically liable.

Consultation With a Van Nuys Employment Lawyer 

Choosing the right lawyer can be difficult. The extensive experience and tireless resolve of our employment attorney to bring your case justice is what you need. If you have been fired for one of the reasons above and you need legal help, we recommend you contact an attorney quickly. The statute of limitations to file your lawsuit is limited and cannot be extended.

Furthermore, our office offers free consultations, so you pay nothing to have us review your case and let you know if filing a lawsuit is right for you. If you and the attorney decide that you are good fits together, our office will represent you on a contingency fee. This means that you will not pay anything until our attorney wins compensation for you. We will be paid a percentage agreed upon beforehand and front the costs of your case. If you have additional questions, call our office.