Alhambra Employment Attorney

Our Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer takes cases in Alhambra and surrounding cities. Our law office fights everyday for people who have been fired for illegal reasons regardless of whether it is because of sexual harassment, retaliation, or being a whistleblower. If you were fired for any of these reasons or the ones listed below you should address the situation because it can lead to more than just financial hardship. Contact our Alhambra employment attorney for a free consultation.

Alhambra is a city located in the western part of the San Gabriel Valley. It is the twenty-third most populous city in LA County and is the original home to “The Hat,” which is a famous drive-thru known for its pastrami. For additional information on Alhambra, be sure to check out the official website or its Wikipedia page. Even though Alhambra is a diverse city with tons of character, it still faces the same wrongful termination issues other cities do. And when that happens, the residents need the help of an Alhambra employment attorney.

Alhambra Employment Attorney

Types of Cases We Handle


Though it may be hard to believe, some employers still discriminate against their employees based on their race, religions, sexual orientation, and other protected traits. Luckily, California has one of the most comprehensive anti-discrimination laws in effect. So, if you think you have been discriminated against you should call an employment attorney.


Unfortunately, harassment is a part of life, but it does not have to be a part of your work life. In California, employers must prevent co-worker harassment if they know that it is happening. Additionally, employers are liable for any harassment conducted by their supervisors. If you have been harassed, you should have your cased looked at.

Alhambra Employment Attorney

Looking for and choosing the right attorney for you can be hard. Our Alhambra employment attorney has many years of experience and will put in the work needed to give you the best chance at being compensated. If you have been terminated for any of the reasons above, we highly recommend you contact an attorney. The statute of limitations is not some fake thing from crime dramas; it if runs out, you’re out of luck.

Our office gives free consultations, so you do not lose anything by having us look at your case. We will review your case and let you know if you should pursue a lawsuit.

If you and your Attorney decide to work together, our office will be compensated on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not pay a penny unless your Attorney wins or settles an award for you. We get paid a percentage agreed upon before we dig into your case, so there are no surprises. Contact us today if you have any questions.